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How can I help the Syrian children through Hurras Network?

You can volunteer with us to support the children, according to the what kind of work you can submit to us, the Hurras Network  works in collaboration with a group of doctors, therapists, designers, photographers, website programmers, and many others who provide new ideas and projects that can give Syrian children the community-based benefit.

You can also participate in Hurras special project (Tayyara Waraa Magazine) In case you’re concerned with the following areas: writing stories for children, drawing stories for children,  preparing vertebras for children, or providing new ideas that are useful for the children.

Show us other organizations that are close to our field so that we can combine our efforts with each other.
Or at least you can support us by the dissemination of our news through our websites and social media so that we can gain access to every child who needs us.

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